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One Community, Every Child.

Improving the academic performance of underserved students
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Achieve funding equity in our schools, so every student has the same resources and opportunities to thrive. Our funds help close the gap between our district's resources and the true cost of educating our students.

We Support

students by investing in targeted programs that improve reading and math scores and straighten student engagement and social-emotional learning.

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We Advocate

for increases in per-pupil funding for all schools in RCSD by driving coalitions to support policies impacting underserved students and monitoring revenue-generating opportunities.

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We Engage

with the community to better understand the needs of schools and families. We share learning and best practices by creating opportunities for connections between families and schools.

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Our mission is to increase underserved students' early academic performance to improve their ability to meet math and literacy proficiency standards, thereby reducing enrollment in remedial courses and increasing their likelihood of meaningful success in high school and beyond.
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Covid Relief Fund

$450,000 raised to help RCSD families with basic necessities and rent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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200+ volunteers empowered to organize and campaign for a city-wide parcel tax supporting all RCSD students.

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Mental Health

1 full-time counselor contracted through One Life Counseling to support our Garfield Elementary students.

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Provided funding for 80 teacher-led projects focusing on Science, Technology, and Mathematics.

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Back to School

$170,000 raised for counseling

support, wifi access, and school supplies for our underserved schools.

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Music for Minors

Sponsored 168 classrooms of TK-5th grade students over 3 trimesters.

La Familia, La Comunidad

May 26, 6:00 PM    |    Online Event
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"Public education is our greatest pathway to opportunity in America."

Michelle Obama


Help us raise money to make a big difference in retaining quality teachers and creating the very best conditions for learning.


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Get the facts about this education and how we are helping.

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Find out about how you can help RCSD schools.

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