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With your help, we will provide over $200,000 in funding per school to Hoover, Garfield, and Taft in the 2022-23 academic school year. Our mission-critical academic and social-emotional learning programs directly address education equity within RCSD.

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OUTCOMES: RCEF has focused our funding to create the following outcomes
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Improving math


reading scores

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Bolstering social-emotional learning and mental health outcomes

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Increased student engagement and

adult-to-student ratio


100% of our programs target the 1,600 students at Hoover, Garfield, and Taft. RCEF is the primary vehicle for raising money for these three schools that serve a predominantly low-income population and do not have PTO organizations supporting them with private philanthropic dollars.


*Low-income is defined as students who are eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals


How does RCEF’s funding cycle work?

RCEF establishes the program goal at the beginning of the school year and raises towards that goal throughout that year. Once the funds are raised, RCEF commits funds to the grantees and disburses in the following fiscal year for programs in the 2022-2023 school year.

How did RCEF select these programs?

A competitive RFP process was used to source grant proposals. Grants have been included in the goal based on advancing critical metrics identified in our Theory of Change.

Why is RCEF not funding other schools in the District?

RCEF focuses on serving underserved students. We are beginning our work with the three schools with the highest percentage of low-income students. As RCEF continues to grow its resources, we will consider funding additional schools. This matter is being considered as part of RCEF’s current strategic planning process.

Can I volunteer?

While in-person volunteers are not allowed on school sites due to COVID-19 restrictions, RCEF will have volunteer opportunities available. Additionally, RCEF has several board committees that members of the community are welcome to serve. If you are interested in either of these volunteer roles, please contact RCEF.

Summary of Campaign

You can download a summary of our Annual Fund here.