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We invest in public education

The Redwood City Education Foundation is focused on providing financial support, targeted advocacy, and meaningful community and parent engagement to address systemic inequities and help all students thrive. 

Our newly redefined, sharpened mission is to increase the early academic performance of underserved students. While in the long-term, we still intend to provide services and increase resources for all schools in Redwood City School District. In the short-term, we are intentionally shifting our focus to support schools with large percentages of low-income students who qualify for Free and Reduced-Price Lunch.


By proactively supporting underserved students, this model improves their ability to meet math and literacy proficiency standards; thereby reducing enrollment in remedial courses and increasing their likelihood of meaningful success in high school and beyond.  

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Financial Support

Invest in targeted programs that:

  • Improve reading & math scores

  • Strengthen student engagement & social-emotional learning


Increase per-pupil funding for all schools in RCSD by:

  • Driving and developing coalitions to support policies impacting underserved students

  • Monitoring revenue-generating opportunities such as parcel taxes and bond measures

Community Engagement

Better understand the needs of schools and families; share learning and best connections between and among families and schools by:

  • Listening tours in schools

  • Annual town hall sessions

Our Impact

Funneling much-needed resources to under-served schools will improve learning environments, leading to highly engaged students who have developed critical social-emotional skills and increased their overall academic performance. This, in turn, will better prepare students for a successful start to high school. We will look at a reduction in the number of RCSD students enrolled in ninth-grade remedial classes as a key indicator of success.

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Covid Relief Fund

$450,000 raised to help RCSD families with basic necessities and rent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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200+ volunteers empowered to organize and campaign for a city-wide parcel tax supporting all RCSD students.

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Mental Health

1 full-time counselor contracted through One Life Counseling to support our Garfield Elementary students.

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Provided funding for 80 teacher-led projects focusing on Science, Technology, and Mathematics.

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Back to School

$170,000 raised for counseling

support, wifi access, and school supplies for our underserved schools.

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Music for Minors

Sponsored 168 classrooms of TK-5th grade students over 3 trimesters.

Our Financials

GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency


The GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency places Redwood City Education Foundation in the top 0.5% of nonprofits for providing information about its work. This seal reflects our commitment to share our story, tell our community how we operate and how we plan to use funds that are donated. One of our goals is to be as transparent as possible about our operations, costs, needs, and how we'd like to grow in the future.

2019-2020 Annual Report

Read about the foundation, learn about our support. Please download for details.

2019-2020 Annual Report Summary

2018 Financial Audit

2019 Financial Audit


100% of our programs target the 1,600 students at Hoover, Garfield, and Taft. RCEF is the primary vehicle for raising money for these three schools that serve a predominantly low-income population and do not have PTO organizations supporting them and most needs cannot be met with private personal resources.


*Low-income is defined as students who are eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals


We intend to understand better and be responsive to the needs of schools and families and the larger community.  Each year, RCEF-funded programs are influenced by the input and suggestions of the immediate community we serve. Our grants allocate money to RCSD’s community school leaders for learning support services, enrichment events, and other underfunded opportunities.

    Programmatic Focus      _____________________________________________________________________

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OUTCOMES: RCEF has focused our funding to create the following outcomes
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Improving math


reading scores

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Bolstering social-emotional learning and mental health outcomes

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Increased student engagement and

adult-to-student ratio

You Drive Our Impact

 2022 - 2023 Programs
With your help, we can support students in our most under-resourced schools. If you are interested in taking action please make a donation today.
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